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"I want the opportunity to contribute -- to feel needed," Gasol said. "Not just to be there. That's not who I am. I want to enjoy it, and players usually enjoy playing." Montreal Canadiens Team NHL Face Coverings

"It's kind of crazy, I can do about five or six an hour. There are a lot of steps to it. By the time you cut and then you iron... I do the tie masks, I don't do the elastic because elastic has been sold out everywhere and I have been actually making the ties as well. Once you kind of get a rhythm down, I can do a max of 18 to 20 a night. I am obviously working during the day and I have a 19-month-old. Usually about 8 p.m. to midnight is when I am sewing away on the machine. So I do as many as I can. I am thankful for the weekends because I can really kind of catch up during those times.

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The Leafs have a bunch overseas – like Yegor Korshkov at Lokomotiv – though none that would be considered a core player like Kotkaniemi. Carolina Hurricanes Team NHL Face Coverings

"It's part of the myriad of issues that we're dealing with, which is why when people say, 'Oh, well, they're trying to renegotiate,' the answer to all of this is, we've got a lot of issues and a lot of problems to deal with, and the system is going to be stressed for everyone. And is there an appetite for working through all of those issues?"

One of the other factors at play is the uncertainty of when farm teams will be able to resume play. While the NHL is set to start in mid-January, it's not as clear a path forward for the AHL and ECHL, the latter of which has already had a number of teams opt out of the upcoming season. The lack of places to put prospects to allow them to continue to develop might force some teams to give longer looks at the NHL level. New York Islanders Team NHL Face Coverings

"Our pro scouts like [Johnsson]; he's got high compete, can track pucks," MacKinnon said. "He does play a style that [Ruff] wants to bring to the table with an aggressive game, while hunting pucks and forcing things."

François Legault's face mask puts Canadiens back in spotlight Toronto Maple Leafs Team NHL Face Coverings

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