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GEON Performance Solutions

Promotion Level: Premier Listing
Platinum Member: Yes
Acronym: GEON
Facility Type: Corporate Headquarters
Contact 1: Cam Cary
Contact 1 Job Title: W&C Mkt Mgr
Contact 2: Amjad Abu-Ali
Contact 2 Job Title: Bus Dev Mgr
Contact 3: Amy Porras
Contact 3 Job Title: Sls Team Lead
25777 Detroit Rd
Ste 202
State/Prov: OH
Country: USA
Telephone: 1-800-438-4366
GEON is a processor of wide range of engineered polymers -including PVC, PP, PE, TPOs, nylons, PCs, ABS and many other engineered resins. With over 1,000 people globally, we operate 12 mfg facilities in NA and China. Unrivaled mfg and processing flexibility across a diverse set of polymer chemistries and additives and deep knowledge of polymer formulation and related mfg processes.
Products/Services: Plastics, polymer solutions.